Thursday, March 1, 2012 do something or be someone!?!

    So I'm not sure If I have told you this but I go street contacting at the University and last week was our last time doing it. I passed out 7 pamphlets and had 5 (10-15 mins) discussions with them on the Restoration. Then provided them contact info for other missionaries with a phone number on the back of the pamphlet. Tomorrow I go on exchanges for the first time and get to experience the field a little bit better with a missionary from my field. I'm really excited about that. I forgot to mention two weeks ago we went to orphanage and sang I'm a Child Of God and shook their hands. Then these 3 little girls wanted to sing a song to us and sang beautifully. A LOT better than us. This last Sunday, in district meeting we went around the room expressing what qualities they liked each missionary had. Our district is only 6 Elders including myself and my companion. So it was a very personal thing because we all knew each other pretty well. We felt the spirit very strong. Our District Leader cried and made me tear saying how much he loves each and every one of us. His name is Elder Gatherum and the other is Elder Grover including my companion Elder Dawdle they are one of my favorite best friends but everyone here is really just great Elders. My Companion is quiet and he has a girlfriend serving a mission right now too. My companion has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. He's just a really swell guy.
    Elder Todd D. Christopherson in this Devotional we watched on Sunday said "I hope you never never come back from your mission and say I have served faithfully for 2 years, now God owes me!" He said "I hope you will never say that." "I hope you say I owe Him even more" He read Helaman 12:35 he said "Where it says yielding my heart is saying to the Lord. My desire is your desire. He said it could be hard for people because they know not what that intel but isn't that our goal to be like Him? We're fearful to yield to God fearing there will be trials. But why would we be afraid who knows and loves us best? The joy of Christ will swallow the trials and anguish. Any tribulation will be swallowed up."
    I've learned some people "go on a mission" and other "become missionaries." Some "have kids" some "become fathers." There's a difference between to do something and be someone. To be in the truth and be part of the truth. Richard G. Scott said "write your feelings down it will be one of the most treasured things you will take home." At night I try to put a lot of thought and feeling in my journal. One day I hope you all can read it. I'm still reading Jesus the Christ. It's a tough reading I have highlighted all over the book trying to understand. I'm not very far. I'm only on page 72 but I have gained so much knowledge studying it as a student and not reading it for how far but what can I learn from it. I also don't get that much time to read it. I read whenever I have a bit of time in between class.  Also, when I was at the temple when I was waiting to do baptisms I was reading. It's a beautiful book. I'm also reading the Book Of Mormon in Spanish. My goal on my mission is "nonetheless not my will but thine be done. And if ye have not charity ye are nothing."
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero.
Yo le quiero mi salvador.
Yo se que si nosotros tenemos caridad en nuestro vidas, podriamos ser mas como Cristo
Yo se que el Libro de Mormon is verdadero.
Y yo les amo.
Yo digo estas cosas en el Nombre De JesuCristo, Amen
Elder Cudd 

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