Monday, March 12, 2012

Last letter before entering the field

I have a little bit of time to write to you all. I am leaving the MTC tomorrow at 6:30am. I still don't know what region or city or even companion I am going to be with. I will find all of that out tomorrow. I love you all. Every time someone talks I take pages of notes. There's such a great blessing to write what people say. I have learned scriptures that others have wrote and so much more. I'm constantly writing feelings. It's such a great blessing to be a student of the gospel. It's exciting to be able to go back to remember what they said, how I felt and what scriptures were used. Thank you mom for the many plastic sleeves for my binder I am constantly putting important papers in there. I'm organized and it is such a great feeling. By the way, my nights are the best! I love to write in my journal, review my day and share my experiences. It's so cool. Did you all watch Jeffrey R. Holland's talk called Testimony of the Book Of Mormon? It's on and just search it. It's a short 4min Mormon message video. I recently watched the Joseph Story. it was beautiful and the spirit really touched me. It got me even more pumped than I already was to teach about Brother Joseph. I love all of you so much!
-Elder Cudd

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