Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicken and Pigs...Ohhh My!!!

I happy to hear that the Snow's emailed you. They said, they would write you to let you know we're safe. As I'm sure they told you, I'm in Quisqueya, which is in the region San Pedro De Marcoris.  I am in El Campo. We're actually the first missionaries to live in Quisqueya. The missionaries would cover 2 areas... Consuelo and Quiqueya. They normally would travel about 30 min's to just get here and take a guagua (bus) back home when done. 

My living situation is defiantly different than what I'm use too.I have chickens and even wild pigs in our back yard however they aren't our "pero".  We have a refrigerator, stove and oven. No microwave. My companion brought a blender. I put all of my food in the refrigerator. Food is pretty cheap. I had those sugar canes and we bought a big bag for 10 pesos. There are tons of colmados (little stores selling eggs and such) everywhere. We have a washer and dryer... sort of. The washer just spins very slowly in circles and I'm not sure how the dryer even works.  I just put my clothes on a line on our patio. Don't worry its a small gated patio. As of right now, there hasn't been water for 2 days. Hope it comes back soon. We take bucket showers here. The shower head doesn't work although it does leak all day and night when we had running water. I'm sure the water will be back soon.

Unfortunately, our second councilor is inactive and the president of the branch comes every other week cause of work. They say its hard to baptize in the Campos but first we are tying to get inactive's to return to church. Them who received the greater light receive the greater condemnation. So, once we help them they usually can give us referrals. Not this Saturday but the next we will have a class for English. A ton of people in this town have the desire to learn English. Maybe we will be able to meet some new people who want to learn the gospel. Well, I will be in this area for at least 3 more months. But yeah everything is going well.

Did Mataio permanently transferred to Alabama?  I talked to this way cool poly from Utah, Elder Wolfgram, on P-Day.  We talked about football and we have so much in common. It was way cool to meet him. I recently took the advice of mom to only talk in Spanish and don't think about it, just speak it. Ive done this for 2 days so far and I have learned a lot. I couldn't really do it in the MTC cause Elder Dawdle and I were at the same level but now I only talk in Spanish to Elder Wood. He's only been out for 8 months but I have learn from him. I get corrected some times, more than others, however people in the area say I speak really well especially since I just starting my mission. 

Love you all and miss you all probably more now than ever,
Elder Cudd

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