Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teach me all I should know, do, then to be...

 We had splits last Thursday, where I actually went into the field. I went with the Elder Jenson the A.P. (Assistant to President in the East Mission) and he was CRAZY good at Spanish. A good teacher as well. He was way smooth with the discussions and we got 4 new investigators to join church that Sunday. It was way cool. He has a special glow to him and he's constantly smiling. He is a way cool guy. Tomorrow I get to follow up with him and go into the field again for another 3 or 4 hours. I'm really stoked.
              On Sunday, I fated for the Gift Of Tongues and I understood nearly all the testimonies and the whole day I was understanding words left and right. My Spanish is up and down however the more I practice speaking the better I am. I am terrible at speaking Spanish when I am cold. (Haven't spoken in a little while.) It's like I have to get warmed up before I am ready. I have to get in the mindset. And be focus.
              On Tuesday, Elder Cornish talked and he gave a devotional. He is part of the Area 70 and Quorum of the 70. He told me he actually was companions with Elder James B. Martino when they served their first missions. Elder Cornish spoke in last General Conference, it was about prayer and it was awesome. I recommend you all to watch it. So he spoke to us about Conversion and Revelation. He started off with a simple story of a boy who fell out of bed and his father asked why you fall out of bed? Boy responded, I guess I wasn't far enough in. Elder Cornish said, "Our goal is not to convert. You will aways fall. By being faithful we can be instruments of the Lord. The Lord wants to give a man revelation he gives him a question. Don't ask questions of yourself. It will be to your destruction. If you say let me model through my selfish ways as a parent because I am bigger, older, because I said so. You will raise selfish children. What does the Lord want me to do? Teach doctrine."
              What do you think the Lord wants you to do? Not what is in it for me? That's the difference between Satan's plan and God's plan. Elder Cornish said " You should not ask who should I marry?" Because you haven't done your homework yet.
              He said one of the best questions you could ever ask is " What doctrine would God want me to understand my question?" Missionaries are not to share information there is little saving power in that. According to scriptures to understand in your heart is the next step. But that won't even save you. We need people to change. The becoming is what the conversion is about. He said, If I could change the lyrics to  that children's songbook..." Teach Me To Walk In The Light"  I would put..."Teach me all I should know, do, then to be."  If you really want to learn something teach it. Ears, eyes, hands, and mouth. Hearing is the worst thing we can do. Hearing requires no faith or agency. Hearing is passive. You don't remember 20% what you hear at that moment. 10% from far off.  Less than 3% in your life. Eyes you learn more. Working and participating with hands is better but you never forget what you teach.
              I miss all of you guys! When I was on my splits last Thursday I saw small living places. Smaller and poorer I have ever seen in my life. I was always grateful for our houses at home but I am even more thankful for what we already have. Mom i don't know what city or the living conditions are yet. I'm in the field next Tuesday. Hey watch Testimony Of The Book Of Mormon by Jeffrey R. Holland!
              I love all of you guys. I will be in the field next time I write.
Love, Elder Cudd

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