Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michael's Schedule

Dear Family,
Sounds like everyone seems to be busy and working hard.  I miss you guys a bunch. I’m going to answer moms questions. The weather has been nice so far. It’s about high 60’s to low 70’s to mid or high 80’s. I’m daily switching between my two church shoes every other day or so. I’m wearing short sleeve shorts every day except Sunday we have to dress full suits. My schedule is wake up at 6:30am. Breakfast at 7:00 at 7:30 we have TALL which is a language software so we practice Spanish each day except Sundays.
Then we have Personal Study at 8:30 to 9:30. (Which is just study for the investigator.) Our teachers are our investigators and we later practice with them if they were a real investigator.  9:30 is when Class starts were we learn grammar concepts that we practiced in TALL earlier that day. Class goes from 9:30- 12:30 (during that time we usually practice with the investigator. 12:30 we have Lunch to 1:15. 1:30- 2:30 we have hour of extra study for ourselves whatever we feel we need help with. 2:30-3:30 we have Language Study. We have our 3 Red Books we practice our Spanish in learning that concept earlier again. 3:55 Gym time we go outside and play basketball or volleyball in the parking lot outside.
But it’s not that bad because the weather is nice and there seems to be a nice slight breeze in the air. Gym ends at 4:45. 5:15 is Dinner. 6:00 to 9:00 we have another class were we learn how to teach more effectively and practice talking to an investigator. 9:00 we plan for the next day and see what our investigators need to know. And what commitments we want to extend to them. 9:30 is Family Prayer with everyone in the MTC.
And then Sister Glazier (MTC president’s wife) lets us pick out a candy before we go to bed. 9:30 to 10:15 is when I write in my journal what happened that day and I say 3 things I am thankful for and usually one blessing I want in my journal. 10:15 is quiet time. 10:30 is lights off.   I am staying healthy even though sometimes I skip my P.E. to read. I have to work kind of hard to keep this weight off. I am taking my vitamins. I have gained a few pounds. We have laundry once a week for our district on Mondays. I do not know the living arrangements in the field yet although the mission presidents our coming to speak to us next week and the week after that. I know we will be cooking. They told us not to buy food from street vendors and let me tell you there is tons of them wherever you stop walking up and down the road or highway trying to sell you something. 
I actually bought a flag from a street vendor. I bought for 250 pesos for a flag.Which is about $6.00 American dollars. A pretty big flag for $6.00. I was assured by Hermano Cuervas that it was a good price. Considering another Elder bought the flag the same size for 400+ pesos. They usually give you a price and you just ask how much you think it’s worth and tell them how much your willing to pay for it.  There is A LOT of flags everywhere on the streets and buildings. I guess because of their holiday coming up. But I guess more or less, America is the same way on 4th of July.
I can’t believe Drew is getting his mission realigned. Tell me where he is going. That’s so cool he can be going to a mission where it just opened up! Apparently our mission was opened up in December 7, 1978. One of the first missions were opened up was Dominican Republic. President Glazier took us where it was announced by Russell M. Nelson and read what he said it was pretty cool. They told us about Peter in Acts where Peter had a dream were he didn’t want to eat the animals that he was not suppose to eat. And that the Law of Moses was no more. That was a dream that symbolized he had to go out and preach the gospel.
So I finally got the Dear Elders you have sent me. I got one from Sister Wawro and Angelica Strasser. Tell them both thank you for the letters and I love to read what friends send me. She said Dad wanted to name Jaxon’s middle name Franklin. I think Franklin would be a good name but I am just honored you named Jaxon’s middle name after me. Angelica asked how the language is going? The language is going well. I don’t know a ton of vocabulary but being surrounded by Spanish everywhere you go I’m picking up the vocabulary very quickly and having teachers who only know Spanish really pushes you even more to learn the language.
So there are 22 new Latins from Mexico, 8 from Honduras, 2 from Peru, some from Nicaragua and 2 from DR. The 2 from Peru are in my mission field so I am excited to talk to them. I have to go.
Elder Cudd
p.s. Let me know how Mitt is doing sorry I would like to tell You SO MUCH MORE but I might be able to get on later today Love you

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