Friday, February 10, 2012

Extra time...

hey, I have about 10 more minutes to write. I just wanted to tell mom that they do have peanut butter.  We have eaten it for breakfast on our banana pancakes a few times already. I just got back from the botanical gardens. It was really nice. We drove across town and it is exactly what Weston (Sister Tryon's nephew) said "everyone is constantly honking and the driving is crazy!" People are inches from touching the next car. Everyone is out and about on the streets. It's different than America. I took a lot of pictures of the garden, it was really beautiful. I got to admit it seems a little bit out of my character taking pictures of trees and nature but it was different because they had an jardin japones (Japanese garden) and the Japanese trees were very interesting so that was kind of cool. Then they showed us our climate in this room of how the different parts of Dominican Republic look like and the east side looks really nice. Very tropical and rain forest like. I will not lie, I didn't know one word the lady said on the tour. I need to get better at Spanish.  Anyways love you guys.

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