Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful scenery, tight quarters, and delicious food!

So, I just got back from the temple. It is a 3 story temple. Our classes are not in the temple however it's in the building next to the temple. Our classes and residence are on the same floor which is the fourth floor. The first floor is where we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second and third floor is where members fly from different islands and need a nice place to stay a few nights while they are visiting the temple. The rooms are really nice here. They're nicer than the ones in Utah but they are a lot smaller however we have managed to have one of the most tidiest rooms in the MTC. Which consists everyone that I flew with which was about 16 Americans. Plus, there is about 6 islanders here from Jamaica and some others from small islands in the west indies. I can't think of the islands name but all those elders only speak English. It's funny, cause sometimes they try speaking Spanish to us as if we were already fluent. My Spanish has gotten even better than last time when I wrote. I realized in class I have to listen real intensively and focus hard on how the tense ends for each verb because one little ending can mean past, present, or future. Which I get confused a lot. I don't think I know that many words yet. I need to practice speaking Spanish more often when I have the opportunity to speak with the Elders. I got the grammar kind of down for someone who hasn't been here long.  I forgot to tell you I memorized the first vision in Spanish and our missionary purpose. I actually memorized both back in Provo.  Our district in Provo was a pretty remarkable district and we learned lots of stuff.  Not comparing ourselves to other missionaries but observing from what I have seen, we were a pretty exceptional bunch.

I can't remember which Quorum of the Seventy said it, I know it's written in my journal. (By the way I write about 20-30 minutes each night about my day. I write 2-3 pages on average. I think one day I'm going to be real grateful all the spiritual experiences I have felt.) But he said "my best attribute is my desire." How true is that!! I feel in my life and in the  people of the church, have incredible desires to do righteousness and makes us some of the best missionaries and disciples. Not to only have desire in sports and careers but the desire to come and walk with Christ.
Random thoughts:

All of our teachers are natives here and go to the local university in Santo Domingo. You might want to write me on my email instead of Dear Elder because no one in the MTC has received DearElders yet. So, it took till today to find out that Giants won the Superbowl, how disappointing. Oh, our gym is a basketball hoop outside in the parking lot but its not as bad as you may think. It's always super nice outside and always the right temperature. We did a service project at the local university. We were picking up trash and there was a lot of it. It was so nice to get out in the world. At times it doesn't feel like I'm out of the country because I'm always in this building. I'm about to go to some botanical gardens here in a minute so I have to go soon. I'm real excited to go out again. By the way, The food here is 10x better than the food in Provo. Most of the food is similar to mom cooking. For example, today for lunch we had taco soup. It was delicious. We always have tons of bananas and they are available anytime. I'm not sure but I think a local restaurant caters our lunches and dinners. The juice we drink is a brand called Bon. It's delicious. Palm trees are everywhere here as well as fruit trees. Everything is real tropical here. I'm always fighting my tiredness each day, its rough. I have to go.

Yo se que puedamos vivir con cada otra ultra vez
Yo se que Padre Celestial nos ama mucho y cuando obedecemos su mandamientos, El bendices a nos.
Yo les quiero mucho

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