Monday, April 16, 2012

To Smile or Not to Smile ;)

Okay, so I had an very interesting week. I first met the parents of Alexi Ogando which is the relief pitcher for the Texas Rangers. We contacted their house and will probably go back later this week. Then we contacted the cousins of Alfonso Soriano.  Alfonso Soriano is a left fielder and second baseman for the chicago cubs. The cousins love us and it would be way cool to convert them. One is a lawyer for a big hotel and the other lady is like head of the education in Quisqueya. They have a nice house. Alexi´s parents said Alexi Ogando lives here when he is not playing baseball.  They are leaving soon to the states to watch their son play for a period of time. So they are not serious investigators just people we stop by to meet. But the Sorianos have a chance to become members I believe. Hopefully it goes well with them this week.
         I don't think anyone in the zone of San Pedro got a baptism this transfer. I really want to experience a one. I know its really hard to get baptisms out here. But still. So ill share this with you. So, I've been out on my mission for 3 months and my companion for 8 months and he has only had 2 baptisms. He said at this rate he would be lucky to have 10 at the end of his mission. Also, do you remember that Polynesian missionary that I talked to a while back, Elder Wolfgram. He said he has only one baptism in 7 months. He lives in La Romana, the only other zone in the country. I really hope I get a few at least in the country.   Something way cool  happened this Sunday. We got our Second Councilor to come back to church. That was probably the highlight of the week. He only came for sacrament and wasn't dressed in church clothes but it was really exciting to see him.
         Okay mom I got my list ready of what I want: 1) my ukulele (just buy a 35 dollar one at that pawn shop dad and I went to that one day. Just a small one. Like Tavita´s ukulele because I don't have tons of space to carry it. Send it remotely fast if you can. Make sure you send it to package mailing address and not the letter one. Just look in my call packet for the package address and can you send that asap. My companion can play the piano and read music. We are going to play the ukulele on our patio at night and on P days. No one plays a guitar here. I cant believe it. No one really does a lot in this country. They are way laid back. You would think they would have at least an instrument to play with being way out here in the country.
2) Mormon Tabernacle CDs that's a must also. 
         Have Christy tell you the really weird story I wrote to her. I told mom about the small things that came in handy in her personal letter. Anyways I have to go. And yes you can have instruments on this mission. Ive checked.
Love all of you go to go.
Elder Cudd
I have a weird story that just happened yesterday. So we have an investigator who came to church yesterday. At the last second she got up to leave before it started. My companion and I got up to ask her what was wrong. She then said she could only tell my companion. So I just watched from a distance and then later we went back inside to have sacrament.  I was assigned a talk 5 mins before it started. My talk went well, I just talked a little about myself and bore my testimony like he asked me too. Then after sacrament meeting the investigator left. So keep in mind she was one of our best investigators and said she wanted to be baptized. Right after the meeting my companion said we have to stop seeing her. I said why? He was a little reluctant to tell me. Then said I don't know how to tell you, its really weird. Then he said "she fell in love with you." I just started laughing. She is a mother with 2 kids and a husband. I was weirded out. He kept going on how she said she knows how you cant have girlfriend on a mission cause against mission rules. Then mentioned she has been doing everything for the wrong reason. We told our District Leader and Zone Leader and all had a good laugh on my behalf. I'm pretty sure it will spread around our small zone. They said stuff like that happens here and not to worry.  I started reflecting and thought, what did I even do to make her "fall in love?" I blame my SMILE. But this is not even the first time where girls come on strong. We are constantly getting "psss" at. Its what they do here. They call girls here frecas. (fresh girls). 

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