Monday, April 23, 2012

Cherry Drink, Anyone?

So, things are doing good here in Quisqueya. We have a cherry tree outside and Elder Wood picked it and made a cherry drink. It was really good. There are more cherries on that tree then we could ever pick. What a blessing it is to have an unlimited supply. We have a new district leader and he is the companion of my companion when they were in the Provo, MTC. He says its un poco raro (strange).
                       Me voy a tratar escribir en español a Mama. Yo he comenzado escribir en mi cuaderno a noche en español porque yo lo encontré mas facil escribir en español ahora. Este es una poca extrana.. Yo sé pero pienso lo estará beneficio para mi. Así muchas cosas pasado este semana. Pero todavia no muchas personas llegaron a la iglesia este domingo. Esta triste. Pero el Presidente nos dijeron que debemos sentir bueno porque hicimos nuestro parte. Los missioneros de Los Llanos (el Campo como nosotros) nos dijo hoy que el Presidente de la Mission no les espera conseguir un bautismo allí. A menos este lo que ellos nos contaron. Pero mientras Yo estoy todavia en Quisqueya. Voy a tratar bautizar algiuen antes yo salí este area porque estoy determinado.
                       Okay mom there is my paragraph to you in Spanish. Tell me what you think of my Spanish. It also pretty much sums up my week. I forgot to bring camera to the Internet center. I saw the biggest spider in my life and recorded it. It was in our house. It scared me so much I didn't even say anything when I saw it. Lol This week I could understand so much of what everyone was saying. Throughout my whole transfer I have taught my companion bunch of grammar concepts that I figured he already knew but didn't.
                       Anyways, I miss and love all of you! I love hearing about everything. I'm excited that our new zone leader is Samoan (or something) and supposedly he's the best basketball player in the mission. So I'm excited to play him and ask him if he has a uke. Also, i might get a guitar, maybe, I'm not sure. My companion played the big bass in high school and he says he would know how to read it from the hymn book and would teach me. He also plays the piano. So I trust him teaching me if I get one. 
                       Love you!!

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