Monday, April 9, 2012

The Great vs The Disobedient

I will apologized ahead of time for this letter being so short. I have to go soon. I have had another week where people seem to be excited to come to church and then don't show up. I was told not to get discourage or upset. It´s just how it is. So I have been dealing with "failure" perhaps you could say to my expectations. I'm still a little disappointed. It never feels good when people tell you that their going to church and then don't go! I have been told that Quisqueya is one of the hardest towns and slowest progress. This is Elder Harker telling me this. Hes in my district and lives in Los Llanos and he said he gets 7 or 8 people committed to go to church and don't show. Then have only one investigator show up who still needs to get married. They have assured me its not easy for people to progress in the country to succeed. To put in perspective there are 9 zones and 2 of them are in the country. He told me you have to be special to be put in the country. He also said some missionaries in here go their whole time in this mission without going to the country. He assured me it is a blessing. My companion told me they put 2 kinds of missionaries in the country. Great missionaries and the ones who are disobedient. The president punishes them by putting them in the country. Anyways, I have to go. Oh, I can promise you I'm strictly obedient! If anything I might stay up a little to late writing in my journal about my day and the spiritual parts of the day. I need to stop writing in pencil its starting to smear lol. Anyways Alfonso Soriano lives here and Alexi Ogando (pitcher for the Rangers) I love you all. I'm doing great! I love my district and companion. I love you all!
Elder Cudd

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