Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother and Daughter... Oh my!

    This week was a good one. We had a mother, daughter and little baby come to church yesterday. Raul, who´s grandma is a member but is inactive. Even if she wanted to come it would be a slightly long walk however  she could take a motor concho (motorcycle taxi) quizas (perhaps). Anyways, we had these 3 investigators. We got the second councilor of the relief society to come also. We were ecstatic to have such a great turnout. We are going to try to put fechas (dates) for baptisms.
     This was the first time I talked more than my companion in a lesson this week. That was something new. We get a long really well. I talk a lot more in lessons and we are more like equals now. I'm glad he has a good sense of humor or living out here could stink a little. What helps learn the language is I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish with the English one side by side for an hour each day. I learn a lot of new words each day. It helps me out a ton.  This is what helps me speak the language better. I turn on the District 2 videos. The district 2 is like a reality TV show but for Mormon missionaries. I read the subtitles in Spanish but the video is in English. It's a fun way for me to learn during language study. I actually love watching the District videos. My companion always laughs and says, "wow, look at America with there nice church buildings, cool A/C and missionaries with cars."  There are other comical things in it also. I'm cooking a lot better now. We buy groceries in San Pedro after our district meetings on Thursdays. I'm a lot smarter at buying food. I feel like dad now cooking hamburgers. I'm pretty good making burgers and cherry juice.  We also have bitter oranges and we turn those into juices. I recommend subscribing to the Liahonna! I love reading stories out of there. I have pretty sweet agenda. We cut out pictures of comic strips in the old liahonna of Joseph smith  and laminated it to my old cover of my agenda. Its way cool looking. Elder Wood showed me how to do it. I just love whipping it out of my bosilla (pocket) cause it looks cool and I'm starting to understand the importance of being organized on your mission. I'm really organized now which helps me accomplish my goals.  I'm always writing in Spanish in my journal entries. So, I guess only mom can read them.  I have given a lot of thought teaching Logan or Jaxon Spanish. I think that would be so cool! 

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