Monday, January 30, 2012

Still in Provo!!

Hola Familia,
I am actually still in Provo, Utah MTC. They revised our scheduled flight to the Dominican Republic to the original date Feb. 2 which is this Thursday again. At 3am is when we have to be ready to leave and we wont be in the Dominican till 9:30 at night. So if your expecting a phone call today I'm sorry but at least your getting an email! Right?  Well here at the MTC has been amazing everyone in our district do not want us to go. Seriously some of these Elders would be like my friends at home. I know for sure that we would all be best friends. So I'm glad I'm not leaving today because there are some big rumors that the prophet or at least some apostle will be here for tomorrow for the Devotional because tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the MTC. I'm happy to hear that baby Jaxon is healthy and well. Also, glad to hear Michelle is doing great. I'm honored you named his middle name after mine. Anthony is a great middle name. So I have taken a lot of pictures for all of y'all I'm excited for you guys to see my companion and elders in my district. They're my best friends. Really it's so easy to be friends with everyone here. I saw Cody here. It was so funny too cause I sat down at my normal table for Lunch and I saw him just sitting two seats down from me. It was pretty funny. Tell me about the Super Bowl? Who is predicted to win? So on Thursday, I'll be in the Dallas airport from 10am to 12:30am. Someone tell Alex Vincent that I love him and tell him thank you for writing me. Tell Bro. Johnson thank you for that quote he sent me, it spoke to my heart. Also, someone tell Katelyn Barnett and Morgan Wilson thank you for writing me. Tell Andy I will never be the master and I will always be the student. Thank you mom for sending me letters all the time. I love you!
Yo se que Dios nos ama.
Yo se que nosotros somos hijos de Dios
Yo se que hay un profeta en la tierra
Yo se que esta Evangelio es verdadero
Y Yo se que estas cosas yo dije nuestro verdad
En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen

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