Monday, January 16, 2012


How is everyone? I got y'all letter through Dear Elder. So apparently on Dear Elder you can send me mail for free. And feel free to write me often, because we get mail twice a day!! Elder Groberg gets tons of mail! (elder in our district) He has like 20 letters from his family. My companions name is Elder Perry, he's real cool, he's real knowledgeable. I'm lucky to be his companion. My Spanish has gotten a lot better since I have been here. I have already learned how to pray and bear my testimony! I'll bear my testimony a little later in this letter. I want to write more but I wrote so much in a letter I haven't sent yet. So hopefully I can tell you stuff that's not on that letter. First off the MTC is pretty strict but now it seems pretty laid back because I have settled in and can make good use with my time now.  My mind is just scrambled write now and in the top right hand corner on this computer there is a timer clicking down. I have taken 3 pictures. All of which are of my room. My companions and I side is clean. I know mom would be proud. A member of the 70 spoke and taught us to remember the goals we set for our mission and taught us a lot of things. I wrote it all down. But forgot to bring it to the laundry room where I am currently writing this letter. I wore my white shirt everyday so far. I figured I might as well wear as often now cause I will never wear in the Dominican. I have been writing in my journal every night. Member of the Second Councilor Hermano Anderson in our branch told us to write things down. He said why would God tell us things if we don't write it down? I'll try to put pictures in my next letter. I forgot some of the questions you asked? Well how is Drew's stomach? And I don't like the food here. A member in our district have found at least one long curly hair in our food at least once out of all 3 meals yesterday. Including me. I stick with things packages like potato chips or do a very thorough search through my cooked food.
Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que Padre Celestial ama nos. Estoy agracedio por todos bengimas en mi vida. Yo amo el Evangelio y Jesucristo. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen

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