Monday, January 23, 2012

Provo MTC Update


Thanks for writing me so many letters. Sorry I haven't written back yet I don't ever really have time. I wrote a letter to Mataio but just cause I wanted him to make sure he reads whatever he wants to read now. Maybe his favorite story because EVERYTHING you do is based on the investigator. So I had to let him know before he got here. Tell Andy I said "Happy Birthday!" he's almost done with residency! So Christy asked if I have any friends? Everyone in my district I'm super close with there like my best friends. Were like the Goofy Goobers but in the Provo, MTC. I'm glad your pictures with Angela Stephens went well. Oh and I have 2 roommates their like polar opposites one's favorite word is "matar" in Spanish and he is loud spoken. The other was is more quiet and well spoken so it's pretty funny between the two of them. If you want to send me something I need a pocket size Himnos if you can't get one don't sweat it because I will be able to get one in the Dominican Republic MTC if not. Yeah just like Elder Child, I don't miss my cell phone either it is quite amazing. So I think I like Jaxon more than Grant but I think any name will be a great name. Maybe you should call him a Book Of Mormon name, that could be funny but not going to lie they have some pretty masculine names in the Book Of Mormon so it may not be as bad as you think. Michelle that story made me laugh when Paige said " Does the baby know how to wave back?" (laugh out loud). I'm sorry about Logan's shots which made him sore and walked with a limp. It kind of made me laugh actually. But I was like "LOGAAANNNN!!!!" I love him. So Michelle some people saying your going into labor on the 24th some say your going into labor the 25th. But whatever day I will pray for a safe and painless delivery. I finally saw Drew today he's been here since last Wednesday and I saw him for the first time today (Monday) in the breakfast line. He looks good. Speaking of looking good, I got a haircut, it's not quite good as Andrea but I still look good. Congratulations Mom and Dad for selling another really expensive house. Maybe your receiving blessings as I am on a mission. Who knows? So I did sealings in the temple for the first time today. It was a neat experience. Ashley Wawro wrote me on Dear Elder as well as Mataio and Kelsey Holman I'd really appreciate their letters. If someone sees her tell her I will do my best to bring others unto Christ and will do my best to make everyone proud! Ashley Wawro I have received a lot of personal revelation. I've learned to not share personal revelation but I do want to share with you to keep a personal journal. I promise the Lord will speak to you if you do. As long as your not writing about pointless things. And if you pray to have the spirit to be with you before you start. I promise you will receive more personal revelation. Mataio I would like to share with you so many things but I just don't have time too. But hopefully you got my letter already. Oh I FORGOT I leave next Monday, well next Monday I report 3am and I depart at 6am and will land in the Dominican Republic 9:30pm. I'll be able to call y'all when I'm at the airport. Which I will be in the Dallas Airport before I go the Miami then to Dominican Republic. So I won't be here next week and I might not be able to email y'all until 2 weeks. Who knows?

Yo se la iglesia es verdadero
Yo se que El Libro De Mormon es la palabra de Dios
Yo se al guidaramos la convenios, Dios bendiciremos nos
Te Amo.
En el Nombre de Jesucristo,

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